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The Unexpected Ways Mobile Heart PETs End Up Being So Powerful

Mobile Pet Imaging is a game-changer for the cardiac field, offering convenience not only for patients but also their doctors. How many more people can you serve with the ability to bring advanced cardiac imaging to your practice anywhere?

What does PET imaging do?

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a type of nuclear imaging that uses minute amounts of radioactivity. Nuclear medicine images detect biologic changes undetectable by the naked eye and even other diagnostic equipment. As with other imaging media, PET scans are noninvasive. Unlike radiographs, PET images show biologic and chemical activity and therefore are especially useful in detecting the earliest stages of a disease.

Why is PET imaging the gold standard in cardiac evaluations?

  • Cardiac PET scans are great screening tests because they can detect abnormalities in heart tissues before the patient experience any symptoms. This quality also makes them indispensable in cancer screening.
  • Since PET scans detect early changes on the cellular level, they are the best tools to evaluate the extent of scarring after a heart attack. Any areas of poor circulation and ineffective muscle contraction can be assessed after cardiac arrest and better yet before a cardiac accident even occurs.
  • PET scans provide a precise means of determining whether patients require coronary surgery.
  • A cardiac PET scan can illustrate how effective a heart medication is for ongoing cardiac disease.

How can Mobile Pet Imaging benefit a practice?

  • A mobile unit makes state-of-the-art diagnostics accessible to more practices.
  • Doctors can conveniently offer advanced imaging to their patients without having to send them to a referral center.
  • Physicians do not have to worry about housing large and expensive imaging equipment within their clinics.


A cardiac PET scan is not perfect and does not replace data from other imaging tools. However, more and more clinicians recognize it as a crucial step in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiac illness. Cardiac mobile PET imaging ensures a greater number of physicians have access to such a critical piece of equipment. If you want to utilize the best cardiac diagnostics without having to outsource your patients or shoulder astronomical overhead expenses, contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc.

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