What’s Involved in Receiving In-Home Care for Your Elderly Family Member?

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Senior Citizen Center

If you have an elderly family member who needs more care than you’re able to give, then consider hiring a nursing assistant or someone who provides companion care who can sit with the person in the home. This type of care is beneficial for families who don’t live in the same area as their elderly family members or who don’t have the skills to provide the care that is needed. Here are a few things to expect from senior home care in Decatur, GA.


Sometimes, your elderly family members could just want someone to talk to during the day so that they aren’t alone. This is one of the services that is provided by most in-home care agencies. The person could talk about hobbies or daily activities that are enjoyed or about family members.

Daily Chores

A company offering senior home care in Decatur, GA, often has assistants who can provide the basic daily care that your family member needs that the person is unable to perform. These chores include cooking or preparing meals that can be heated in the microwave later, washing clothes, or cleaning the floors. Other light housekeeping duties can also be performed to make it a little easier for the person to remain in the home alone. Grooming assistance is also provided, such as help with bathing, getting dressed, or getting ready for bed in the evening.


Most care agencies provide assistance with running errands. The worker can do grocery shopping, get prescriptions that are needed, or take the person to appointments. Your family member doesn’t have to be with the worker while errands are being completed, but most workers enjoy taking their clients with them so that the person can get the things that they want. This is often beneficial for those who enjoy getting out of the house during the day and are unable to drive.

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