MRI Procedure: The Stress-Free Medical Procedure for Diagnostic Testing

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Imaging Centers

The use of MRIs has reached all over the world. They have become a vital tool for doctors to be able to see inside the human body without radiation. It also will give a better image than an ultrasound. Because of the expense of these machines and space limitations, that is why MRI centers have opened in many places. This also gives doctors in small practices the ability to get a detailed look where they need it, while not having to invest in a machine they may not use enough to be able to afford it. These centers can specialize, which streamlines the process greatly.

How the Procedure Is Done

Most people may not understand MRIs, or magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI uses a large magnet, radio waves, and a computer to make cross section images of the human body. That means that anyone scheduled for a scan will need to tell their doctor if they have any metal in their body that is unable to be removed, such as shrapnel or medical devices. If a person is unable to handle enclosed spaces, MRI centers can sedate them. The patient is then sent through the imaging chamber for the scan. It’s all very simple.

What Is Seen on the Scan

An MRI sees all that is in the body, though sometimes the professionals at MRI centers may need to give the patient an IV that will highlight some areas better. The brain can be studied to see if there are tumors or other anomalies. The heart can be studied with ease, as the picture is clearer than an ultrasound. In other words, every part of the body can be seen and studied. That clarity will allow for a surgeon to be able to know if there are any risks, which may not normally happen.

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