The Benefits of Going to a Family Medical Clinic in Andover, Kansas

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Health

When people get sick, they usually go see a doctor, if it is bad enough. Going to see a doctor or physician’s assistant at an urgent care center or the emergency room is alright for the immediate need of a person. However, to ensure the continuity of health, a person needs to have a doctor who is familiar with him or her, and the family history. This is what can be found at a center that practices family medicine. There is a Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas who offers family medicine to patients in the area. These are some of the benefits of going to a family medicine practitioner.

By establishing a long-term relationship with a family practice doctor, the patient is afforded many benefits that might not be available otherwise. The patient gets routine health screenings which contribute to his or her preventative health care. If the patient has any chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes or hypertension, he or she has the benefit of one physician who becomes completely familiar with the family’s history. If any specialists are needed, this primary care provider can recommend and refer the patient to the specialist.

A family physician becomes familiar with the entire well-being of his or her patients. Focus is placed on the physical, emotional and mental state of patients. This puts the family practice doctor in the position to catch something going on with the patient before it can become a major problem. The family physician also can function as a type of a health coach for patients, providing them with proper diets and tips for exercises.

Wichita Family Medical Specialists have been the provider of medical services for patients in the Andover, Kansas and Wichita, Kansas areas for many years. They provide health care for family members of all ages. Patients can get immunizations, physicals, minor surgeries, and care for minor emergencies. Patients can also get comprehensive labs, digital X-rays, bone density studies, EKG and other office procedures. If a patient is in need of a Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas, Wichita Family Medical is available. Patients can visit the website.

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