What to Expect from Lasik Surgery

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Health

Thanks to modern laser technology, vision can be improved and you may not have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses again. But what happens when you go in for a procedure? Here is helpful information to give you a good idea of what you can expect at your Lasik Center.

Before Your Surgery

First, see your surgeon for a consultation and evaluation. This will determine if laser surgery can help you or not. Your doctor needs to know about underlying health conditions and will thoroughly examine your eyes.

You should not wear contact lenses for at least a week, before you go to your Lasik center for an examination. If you wear contacts for astigmatism, this period should be increased to 2 weeks. For RGP contacts, the time can be much longer.

Why do you need to avoid contacts before your exam? Contact lenses can actually change the shape of the cornea over time. Waiting allows the cornea to return to its original shape.

24 hours before Surgery

Make sure to stop using perfume and any kinds of creams or lotions. This includes all makeup. If you are not sure about something, call your Lasik center and ask. You may need to clean and scrub your eyelashes if you routinely wear eye makeup. Make sure someone can take you to surgery, as you won’t be able to drive afterwards.

Day of Surgery

Get there early to fill out paperwork. The surgery should only take about half an hour. You will receive a numbing agent and a speculum is used to keep your eyes open.

After Surgery

Make sure to follow advice from your Lasik center. There may be some itching or burning but this is normal. You also could have visual disturbances for as long as six months, but your eyes should eventually stabilize. Call your doctor if you have any serious symptoms.

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