The Most Common Signs You Need Medical Treatment for Hemorrhoids

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Health Care

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common ailments suffered by humans today and the name refers to inflamed vascular structures in the anal canal. Hemorrhoids may be found inside or outside of the anal cavity. The vascular structures in their healthy form help to control stool on its way out of the anus, but they become hemorrhoids when they become inflamed. Both interior and exterior hemorrhoids cause distinctive symptoms, and the right medical treatment for hemorrhoids should help you to alleviate the symptoms and enjoy a more comfortable experience in the bathroom.

Rectal Bleeding

While blood in your stool may be caused by a number of problems, painless rectal bleeding is a sure indication that you have hemorrhoids. This occurs when a person develops internal hemorrhoids and leads to bright red blood alongside the stool. In many cases, the blood may be coating the stool but will not alter the color of the stool itself. Rather than panicking at the sight of the blood, simply contact a reputable professional to help you get medical treatment for hemorrhoids that will give you relief and help to stop the bleeding.


Humans typically have hair growing around their anuses that can occasionally cause them to itch, and this is common and normal. However, an itch that is persistent and does not go away after scratching may be caused by hemorrhoids. This is commonly caused by external hemorrhoids, particularly if they are large. Any prolonged or unexplained itchiness near or on your anus should have you going to the doctor for a diagnosis. Medical treatment for hemorrhoids has become more advanced than ever, making it possible to treat the issue in less time.


External hemorrhoids are associated with a higher risk of complications, including thrombosis. Though not particularly common, hemorrhoids may get thrombosed, causing a blood clot in the affected vascular structure. This produces swelling, which may often be felt as protruding lumps when touched with your finger. Even with treatment, this swelling may take several weeks to subside. By contacting a professional organization such as The Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic, you can get the treatment you need before the problem is made worse. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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