Reasons for Hair Loss in Lancaster PA

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Health

Hair Loss Lancaster PA can occur for many reasons. Heredity is the most common one. There are a few ways to prolong the inevitable, but escaping it entirely is unlikely.

Using a special cream or shampoo, such as Rogaine, may help. Hair plugs or toupees can be used to replace lost hair. Women with thinning hair tend to favor wigs, hair extensions, and strategic cuts to disguise their hair loss.

Medications and Treatments

The body is not designed to withstand artificial chemicals and harsh treatments. Most people associate chemotherapy with hair loss, but other treatments can be the reason hair falls out as well. It is a minor trade-off for eradicating cancer or other diseases, although still difficult to handle for some people.

Several medications carry a side effect of hair loss. Discuss that possibility with the doctor to make informed decisions regarding any medications. In most cases, side effects are more pronounced as dosing gets higher. It may be feasible to take a minimum dose and still benefit from the medication while diminishing harmful side effects.


There are many people who decide to shave their heads. Some will do so to avoid the look of going bald and get the process over with all at once. Others prefer to be bald to look younger, excel at some sports, or because they think they are more handsome without hair.

In women, going bald or experiencing thinning of the hair is not by choice. Some will shave their heads to make a statement, stand out from the crowd, or simply to be cooler in the summer time.


The impact of stress on the body is immense. It alters the chemical make-up of several body systems. One such impact is the interference with hormones. A hormone imbalance is more often a reason for hair loss than most people think.

Natural hormone replacement therapy, which is provided at a BeBalanced Center and other holistic treatment offices and facilities, can stop hair loss. It can also stimulate hair growth. Testing can be done to determine if the hair loss is due to an imbalance. Customized treatments are developed to create and maintain a balance. Those interested can go to  for complete details.

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