Protect a Pet’s Overall Health with Proper Dental Care

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Animal Hospitals

Caring for your pet’s teeth is vitally important so that your dog or cat won’t develop an infection in the gums. Animal dental care is available from professional veterinarians who know how to remove the plaque from a pet’s teeth. You can take care of your pet’s teeth by using a special toothbrush and toothpaste so that your pet doesn’t have tooth decay, gum disease or bad breath. There are also toys that can help you to clean your pet’s teeth, but a veterinarian will have the correct dental tools for cleaning your pet’s teeth.

Many Animals Require Anesthesia During Dental Work

In addition to caring for traditional animals, veterinarians can perform animal teeth cleaning in Chicago on unusual pets such as goats, horses and pigs. If you have a non-traditional pet, then caring for its teeth on your own is more challenging. These types of animals often eat unusual foods, leading to a buildup of tartar that can change an animal’s bite. In some cases, a pet needs to have the buildup of plaque filed away with special tools. Larger pets may require anesthesia during the dental work because the animal will not cooperate with the veterinarian.

Dental Care for Pets Includes a Complete Mouth Examination

After the animal teeth cleaning in Chicago, a veterinarian will complete an examination of your pet’s mouth to look for any problems that indicate other health problems. When your pet is under anesthesia, the veterinarian can look at the tongue, palate and inner cheeks along with the gum tissue to find growths, disease or underlying medical issues such as anemia. To learn more about dental care for pets, contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic at our website.

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