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Keeping Your Puppy Happy with Dog Day Care in Elkhorn NE

When a pet owner has to be away from their pet, the pet can become anxious and frightened. This anxiety can pose risks of behavior issues and even stress-related health issues. For some dogs, it can be hard for them to be home alone just while their owner is working. Fortunately, there are options for these dogs to help them get through this anxiety. Dog Day Care in Elkhorn NE and other dog boarding services provide a safe environment for puppies and dogs throughout the day.

Day Care Services

A dog being stuck in the house all alone can be problematic. Anxiety and behavior issues can become a problem. Even if the dog is not being left at home alone, it is important that a dog gets exercise and socialization throughout the day. dog day care in Elkhorn, NE can provide benefits for dogs in either of these situations. The dog can spend their day at the facility. Here, they are provided supervised play time, exercise, and socialization with other dogs. This can help reduce anxiety and keep them happy.

Boarding Services

Many of these facilities also offer boarding services for longer stays. When a pet owner must be away from home, these facilities offer a safe environment for the dog to stay. Not only do the dogs get their own area and food during their stay, but they also are provided with the same play time and exercise as those in the dog day care. There are also options to provide dogs with additional luxuries, such as privacy and television time to keep them comfortable throughout their stay.


Proper grooming is also important for a dog’s health and comfort. Many facilities also offer grooming services for dogs. Each dog can receive a full bath and brush service at their visit. Nails are trimmed and ears are cleaned. If needed, the dog can receive a professional hair cut during their grooming. These grooming services can be received at any time or be added to a day care or boarding stay.

In addition to providing these services for dogs, they also offer a variety of services for cats. Visit for more information about the services available for feline friends and pricing.

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