How to Determine When to Get a Facelift

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Health

Aging has always been a part of life. Most individuals wish to put this process off as long as possible. People are living longer today, and most are leading more active lifestyles than in generations past. It is possible to minimize or slow down some of the results of aging on the facial skin regions. The eyes can quickly be a telltale sign of getting older. Small lines that surround the eye area are also known more commonly as “crow’s feet.” Plastic surgery has become a popular choice for many. It can be difficult to determine when to get a facelift by a Chicago plastic surgeon.

The most accurate way to determine if you are a good candidate for a facial or other cosmetic surgery or procedure is to consult with a surgeon who is a board certified plastic surgeon. Also be sure to choose a surgeon who has lots of experience in eyelid surgery and face procedures for the best end results. These professionals are better able to get that natural look that most patients desire. Most people would be very surprised to learn how many residents have already gotten some type of eyelid procedure or a facelift in Chicago.

During your initial consultation with your selected surgeon, your face, neck and other nearby regions will be thoroughly assessed. Some patients can get by with just some work on their eyelid area, and others would benefit more from a full facelift by a Chicago surgeon and perhaps an accompanying necklift at the same time. If your facial skin has begun to sag or your facial features appear too thin, a surgeon can remedy this with fat transfers and other facial skin treatments like freezing excess under chin fat or other various procedures. Contact Adam J. Cohen, MD.

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