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How an Orthotics Foot in Columbus, OH Corrects Foot and Ankle Conditions

An Orthotics Foot in Columbus OH is a device a person wears to fix a problem with the feet or ankles. Some items categorized as orthotics are shoe inserts, ankle braces, and foot pads. The shoe devices may be made of metal, plastic, rubber, or leather.

How do Orthotics Help the Feet

An Orthotics Foot in Columbus OH keeps the feet in neutral positioning. It provides extra support and cushion, so the feet aren’t strained while walking. There are many orthotics available for treating some foot conditions.

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition that happens when the band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes is damaged. The damaged fibers of tissue become inflamed and stiff. A good arch support and cushioned soles help to alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The arch supports to prevent the band of tissue from being over-stretched.

Heel spurs are a type of foot condition that affects the bone of the heel. The heel is accompanied by abnormal bone growths. An abnormal walk, high impact physical activity, ill-fitted shoes, and bad posture can cause heel spurs. A cutout heel pad protects a heel with spurs. Shock-absorbing shoes should be worn. Physical therapy is good for heel spurs and many other foot conditions.

Orthotics for Ankle Pain

Orthotics can eliminate pain for many ankle conditions too. Orthotics are most useful for pain associated with tendonitis, ankle arthritis, and ankle instability. Custom-made orthotics distributed under a prescription is best for ankle pain. Over-the-counter devices only work for some conditions. A foot doctor will know what type device is required for a physical exam.

A number of studies proved that orthotics stabilize chronic ankle instability. The devices reduce pain and make it much more comfortable to walk. Ankle instability can be caused by sprains that have not been treated.

An arch support must have the right elevation for the patient’s problem. An incorrect device can make pain worse or even cause injury. A foot doctor is trained and skilled in this line of medicine to make the right selection for patients. For more information, visit .

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