The Benefits of a Professional Pedicure in Allentown

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Beauty Care

Beautiful feet make women feel confident, especially during the summer months and when they plan to wear open-toed shoes. Attractive toenails are an essential part of maintaining pretty and healthy feet. Discover the benefits of getting a professional pedicure in Allentown.

Well-Maintained Toenails

Often, it is difficult for women to reach their toenails to cut, file, and shape them. As a result, injuries might occur when a clipper slips. A licensed nail technician knows the proper way to clean and clip toenails to reduce the risk of cuts and infections.

Smooth Feet

Feet take a beating because they support the weight of a person’s body when she is walking and doing other daily tasks. Over time, feet can become calloused and sore. During a professional Pedicure in Allentown, the feel are soaked and sloughed to make them feel smooth.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Customers can choose reflexology services during a pedicure for healing and relaxing purposes. Reflexology can have a positive impact on a woman’s entire body and overall well-being. Plus, this advanced messaging technique can minimize stress and encourage relaxation after a demanding day.

Scrub and Moisturize

Another option during a pedicure is to get scented scrubs and moisturizers applied to the feet and legs. Scrubs gently and efficiently get rid of dead skin. Moisturizers replenish the moisture lost through daily activities to keep the feet and legs soft.

Pick a Color

Customers can also select a nail polish color to be applied to their toenails. From classic to cutting-edge, there are a variety of hues to consider. Adding color to the toenails is a way to beautify them and express a person’s unique sense of style.

Gel Polish

Gel polish is a smart option for women who are on-the-go. Gel polish lasts longer than regular nail polish and is more resistant to chipping. This means women can enjoy the look of a professional pedicure for a more extended period.

Discover the benefits of getting a pedicure. The first step is to contact Beautiful You by Christine to learn more about the available pedicures and schedule an appointment to experience one.

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