The Importance of SPF Testing

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Analytical & Clinical Research

Many consumers rely on cosmetics for their protection from the sun as well as their cosmetic benefits. If you make a skincare product that contains sunscreen, it’s important to have your product tested for its SPF properties.
This ensures that consumers can rely on your products to provide the level of sun protection you’ve advertised. If your product provides inadequate protection, consumers will be dissatisfied. If you’re providing greater protection than advertised, you can change your labels or reduce the amount of sunscreen in the product.

When you’re ready for SPF testing of your product, there are labs that specialize in cosmetic testing for many different things, including SPF testing. This testing is critical to consumer confidence because it provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures your product provides the same level of sun protection of other products labeled with the same SPF level. Consumers can have confidence in how often they should reapply your product to prevent sunburn.
  • Ensures your product contains the level of sunscreen you believe that it contains. This confirms your own lab’s formula.
  • Ensures your other ingredients do not degrade the level of sun protection your product provides.

By having your product tested, you are demonstrating to the consumer that you are committed to providing the highest quality cosmetics to your customers. This testing represents that extra step that ensures a cosmetic that lives up to its promises, both in cosmetic benefit and its protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

Be sure to talk with several SPF testing facilities before choosing one. Ensure that any lab you choose adheres to the highest of laboratory standards and follows proper protocol. If possible, choose a lab that performs SPF testing for other well-known cosmetic companies. The effort you put into having your products SPF tested will pay off in brand loyalty. Get started on your plan for SPF testing as soon as possible.

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