Do You Need to Learn More About Pet Dermatology in Barnegat, NJ?

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Veterinarians

Do you notice that your dog is scratching a bit too often? If a dog is suffering from a dermatological condition that causes it to itch, it can scratch the area too much, which can lead to raw patches of skin. This type of skin condition is serious and needs to be reviewed by a vet.

Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

Services for pet dermatology in Barnegat, NJ can address itching, which can come about from ticks and fleas or result from food or skin allergies. For instance, if your dog has fleas, the saliva from the pests are extremely allergenic. Therefore, a single flea can cause a problem such as flea allergy dermatitis or FAD. When a dog has FAD, it often surfaces at sites such as the head, neck, base of the tail, or groin.

Keep Your Dog Away From Wooded Areas and Dog Parks

Specialists in pet dermatology can treat this problem and recommend that dog owners keep their dogs away from areas that often contain fleas. These areas include dog parks or wooded area. Flea preventatives are given in the form of a collar or oral medicine. It just depends on your pet’s individual needs.

Tick Bite Inflammations Also Cause Skin Distress

Pet dermatology also covers tick bite inflammations. The longer a tick stays attached to the dog’s skin, the worse the condition will get. A secondary bacterial condition can cause additional itching and irritation. To prevent tick bites, limit your dog’s access to wooded sites or dog parks. By keeping away from both sites, your dog will stand less of a chance of getting bitten by a flea or tick.

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