Important Services Offered at a Local Animal Hospital in Roswell

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Veterinarians

Being a pet owner is both rewarding and challenging. Your pet relies on you to provide them with everything they need to live a long, healthy and happy life. In addition to shelter and food, your pet is going to need medical care. A local Animal Hospital in Roswell offers plenty of services to ensure your pet remains as healthy as possible.


Just like humans, both cats and dogs are prone to catching certain diseases. Many illnesses can be devastating or even deadly to your pet. The good news is that your pet can be vaccinated against many of the most common diseases.

When you bring your pet to an Animal Hospital in Roswell, the veterinarian will inform you of the vaccinations they recommend. Different vaccinations may be suggested depending on the age and lifestyle of your pet. Bringing your pet in for scheduled booster shots will ensure they remain vaccinated from these diseases.


If you visit an animal shelter, you will be shocked by how many homeless cats and dogs are waiting to be adopted. It’s estimated that over seven million pets enter shelters across the United States every year. This number is astounding, but it can also be reduced by remembering to sterilize your pets.

Sterilization involves removing the reproductive organs of your pet. Female animals are spayed, while males are neutered. Both procedures are routine, and in most cases, very safe. If all pet owners would remember to sterilize their animals, the stray population would greatly decrease.


You should schedule a check-up exam with a local vet at least once a year. During this important appointment, your pet will be thoroughly examined to make sure they’re in good health. This is also the perfect time to schedule any vaccinations.

During a check-up, the veterinarian will palpate your pet’s body to feel for any tumors or lumps. Your pet’s joints and mobility will be evaluated. The condition of your pet’s coat, eyes and teeth will also be examined. If something seems out of the ordinary, additional tests may be ordered.

Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience. If you treat your pet right and provide them with proper medical attention, you will be paid back with unconditional love. Visit to learn more about important medical services provided by veterinarians in your area.

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