Differences Between Ablative and Nonablative Laser Skin Resurfacing in San Diego, CA

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Medical Spa

Laser skin treatments can eliminate or significantly decrease flaws, helping the person look more attractive and years younger. When men and women become interested in Laser Skin Resurfacing Charlotte NC, it’s important to seek a board-certified physician so they are guaranteed a high level of expertise. This could be a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon, as both are fully qualified to do this work.

Several kinds of options for Laser Skin Resurfacing in Charlotte NC are available, each with pros and cons. Doctors talk with their prospective patients about these factors so everyone can make an informed decision.

A Brief Overview

A process known as ablative resurfacing is harsher and requires more recovery time than some options, but the positive results are more impressive. Nonablative techniques allow a faster recovery and less discomfort, but the results are not as dramatic. Ablative therapy is more effective in reducing wrinkle depth and appearance. Both are suitable for improving pigment irregularities and skin texture that should be smoother. Large pores are reduced in size as well.

Gradual vs. Immediate Results

In addition, the nonablative therapy results develop gradually, while those from the ablative treatment are immediately visible after a certain amount of healing takes place. Some men and women prefer gradual results because other people don’t realize they’ve had any professional skin treatment procedures.

Recovery Time

An ablative procedure requires at least a week away from work and other usual activities for the first part of recovery. The skin becomes red and swollen because of inflammation, and scabs appear. The skin is likely to stay pinker than usual for several weeks after that.

Once healing is complete, the results last for years as long as the person follows guidelines, such as staying out of the sun. If sun exposure to the treated skin is impossible to avoid, a high-quality sunscreen product should be applied.

Nonablative procedures at a clinic like The Center for Women’s Aesthetics are not as harsh to the skin and require less downtime. The person can return to work on the same day or at least by the next day.

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