Details About Cataract Surgery In Honolulu

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In Hawaii, patients with cataracts undergo surgical correction procedures for removing the developments. Cataracts cause blind spots and affect the patient’s ability to drive and complete daily tasks. Vision care insurance covers surgical procedures and post-operative care. A local surgeon performs Cataract Surgery in Honolulu for all patients affected by the developments.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a milky film that develops over the eye lens. The film hinders the patient’s vision and requires surgical intervention. The condition occurs more often with geriatric patients with a family history of cataracts.

What to Do Before the Surgery

Patients stop all blood-thinning medications for a few days before the procedure. Doctors recommend that patients stop smoking before the procedure as it constricts blood vessels and leads to complications. Surgeons require a consultation before the surgery and conduct a complete assessment of the affected eye. The findings determine what surgery is most appropriate for the patient.

What Happens During the Surgery?

The eye surgeon uses a general anesthetic and sedates the patient. The surgeon removes the cataract by cutting away the eye lens. Clinicians use surgical tools or precious laser instruments for removing the cataract. An artificial lens is placed over the eye, and it attaches to the eye during the healing process. The doctors bandage and patch up the eye after the surgery.

What to Expect During Recovery

A full recovery requires up to three weeks after the surgery. Most doctors recommend leaving the patch over the eye for at least the first three days or until the follow-up exam. The doctor provides eyedrops for managing itching or irritation after the surgery. Any signs of infection require an emergency eye examination with the patient’s primary eye care physician.

In Hawaii, patients develop cataracts due to the aging process or heredity. The most effective treatment for the cataracts is surgery. However, the surgery doesn’t guarantee that more cataracts won’t develop in the future. The procedure requires up to three weeks to recover, and patients need someone to drive them home after the surgery. Patients who want to learn more about Cataract Surgery in Honolulu contact Hawaii Vision Clinic or visit their Facebook right now.

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