Pain Management and Anesthesiology in Apache, AZ

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Health

Chronic pain interferes with daily life in numerous ways. It can interfere with a person’s ability to enjoy spending time with their family and friends, prevent them from working or sleeping and disrupt their overall quality of life. In situations where standard pain management techniques aren’t helping,

Pain management therapy in Apache, AZ may be recommended. Techniques used here benefit those suffering from chronic facial pain, mouth pain or headaches. In addition, neck and low back pain may benefit from these pain management techniques, along with individuals suffering from bone and/or muscle pain.

Nerve blocks are one option offered to many patients, as they provide pain relief of the temporary kind. A powerful medication, such as an opiate or steroid, is injected into a nerve or near the nerve to reduce or eliminate the pain. In this situation, an epidural steroid injection is put into the lower back, and this injection goes straight to the inflamed nerve root. For others, the anesthesiologist may recommend a sacroiliac joint injection, a block for a single nerve root or a facet joint injection. The doctor determines which injection works best for each patient.

Pain pumps may also be used for patients suffering from chronic pain. With this type of treatment, a patient receives a strong medication right at the source of their pain. This is known as neuromodulation and works to disrupt pain signals being sent to the brain. The pump goes under the skin and is then programmed to deliver the medication at a specific dose in certain time intervals. This treatment offers consistent relief, yet is reserved for those cases where other treatments have failed, due to its invasive nature.

The goal is to find the least invasive treatment that will help to reduce or eliminate the patient’s pain, while restoring his or her physical function. With many different treatments available for pain management, a patient needs to find a center offering numerous options. For this reason, many individuals choose to head to the The Regional Pain Institute for Pain Management Therapy in Apache, AZ. Here patients find doctors offer both anesthetic techniques and pain management programs to help them achieve their goals. Contact the center to see how they can be of help to you.

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