Why You Should Visit an Eye Care Center in Lone Tree, CO, for a Routine Eye Exam

by | May 27, 2024 | Eye Care Center

A routine eye exam is a must for anyone looking to be proactive about their healthcare. Generally, eye issues do not present symptoms until your eyesight gradually worsens, so it’s difficult for most people to be diagnosed early if they’re not visiting an eye care center in Lone Tree, CO, for a routine visit. Early diagnosis will help prevent your eyes from worsening down the line, so it’s essential to have your eyes checked even if you’re not currently struggling with your vision.

What Is a Routine Eye Exam?

Your eye doctor should look at the following during a routine eye exam:

  • Visual Acuity: How clearly each of your eyes sees.
  • Keratometry: Evaluates the reflection and curvature of your eyeballs.
  • Refraction: Checks for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
  • Preliminary Test: Evaluates depth perception and peripheral vision, as well as how your eye muscles move, if you may be colorblind, and how your pupils react to light.
  • Eye Focusing: How your eyes focus, move, and work together.

These tests will determine if your eyes are in working order and whether you need prescription glasses or contacts to adjust your vision. They’ll also help to determine any early signs of eye diseases, as well as other diseases such as diabetes.

Who Needs an Eye Exam

Anyone can benefit from an eye exam at an eye care center in Lone Tree, CO, as they are excellent tools in preventive healthcare. However, if you have vision problems, diabetes, glaucoma, or are elderly or a child, eye exams are vital in maintaining good health.

Front Range Family Eye Care is an excellent eye care center in Lone Tree, CO, offering routine eye exams for the entire family.

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