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Back Pain Affects More than Just Your Body

Back pain is a common problem that people often experience during their lifetime. At some stage in their life, 80% of people will experience some type of back pain. Whether they experience chronic or acute back problems, it can greatly impact their life. When the pain is severe enough, it can prevent a person from being productive because their mobility is restricted by the discomfort. It can even affect how they interact with other people as the pain can make them irritable and unpleasant to be around. Fortunately, there are solutions available today to help reduce or eliminate back pain in Jacksonville.

Emotional Impact

When a person is suffering from pain in their lower back, it can affect their emotional state. They can become very moody and short-tempered when they are experiencing a lot of pain. In some cases when people are unable to care for themselves, they can become depressed and feel they are a burden to the person who is caring for them. This can increase their anxiety level and make it difficult to interact with other people. For anyone that suffers from back pain in Jacksonville, it is important to receive treatment for their problem for both their physical and emotional well-being.

Begin Living a Happy and Pain-Free Life

At Riverside Pain Physicians, they know how back pain can affect a person’s life and strive to help their patients reduce or eliminate their discomfort. Their team of medical professionals works with their clients to find the root of their back pain and find a solution for their problem. From medicinal management to spin surgery, they offer a range of treatments to help their clients begin a pain-free and happy life. Whether they are providing instructions on how to avoid back pain or steps to help manage discomfort, they are devoted to improving their clients’ overall well-being.

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