Shedding Some Light on Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA

by | May 17, 2017 | Health

Going up and down a flight of stairs sounds like a very casual thing to do for human beings. Be it at home, a mall or any other building. That is, however, not the case for everyone out there. People age or grow old. Others have accidents, and some are born with deformities. Such things might make going up the stairs quite a task, and this is where stair lifts come in handy here.

All about stair lifts

The most obvious reason is to provide an easy, safe way to go up and down the stairs. Yes, stair lifts are safe because they not only move up at a slow pace but also come with safety belts. It, therefore, means chances of anyone falling off are close to zero.

Stair lifts are not for straight staircases only. They can be custom fit to staircases which are curved as well. Wall modification should be minimal, if any, to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Stair lifts do not have to be boring. Yes, they can be designed to blend with the home decor. Customers can have them in different colors, patterns, prints, and materials. Outdoor stair lifts are also available in the market, fit for both straight and curved staircases. This particular type is built to specifically withstand climate elements such as UV light, rain, and cold temperatures.

McArdle Surgical

There are companies or businesses which specifically deal with home care equipment such as stair lift. It is important to always consider such companies first before buying from other retailer shops. McArdle Surgical is one of the enterprises which deal with Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA. They deal with both Acorn and Brooks stair lifts. The company deals with the sales and installation, and their primary goal is to put families at ease.Like all other machines, stair lifts require regular maintenance for them to function properly. Failure to do so can result in malfunctioning and cause accidents. McAdle Surgical offers a one-year free maintenance on Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA. They also have knowledgeable staff members who work with customers to determine the best option for them.

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