4 Tips on Selecting a Portable Ultrasound Machine for Your Vet Business

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Medical Equipment Supplier

If you are in the market for a portable veterinary ultrasound machine, several options are available. The most appropriate device for you will depend upon your clients’ needs and the type of animals and environment you work in. Here are four tips on how to choose a portable ultrasound device for your veterinarian business.

1. Clients

To begin, start by detailing who your clients are. If you serve rural farms, you will want a machine that handles everything from bovine to swine. Veterinarians who work with exotic animals will want to look for a broad-spectrum device that adapts to small and large animals.

2. Water-resistant

If most of your work is in the field and outdoors, a water-resistant ultrasound will be necessary. Portable machines need to be tough and handle movement with ease. The parts should be easy to clean in the field also.

3. Accessories

You may need a portable veterinary ultrasound machine with lots of accessories. Some devices come with arms-free scanners, which are helpful when dealing with large pregnant animals. Extensions can also make many of the tasks quicker.

4. Technology

It is convenient to have several portals available to you where you can save your data. Some companies allow you to keep the information in their cloud server as well as on your own devices. Find out how often the manufacturer updates or upgrades their software. Having frequent new installations means you will always have access to the latest technology. For more information on portable veterinary ultrasound machines, contact Ultra Select Medical at ultraselectmedical.com.

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