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Collagen is Vital for Building Strong Muscle, Bones and Healthy Skin

Collagen is one of the key building blocks of the human body; it’s responsible for strong bones, smooth skin, and glossy hair.

As people grow older, their bodies become depleted of collagen. This has made collagen a very popular supplement among both young and old. For younger people, collagen supplements can help to build muscle during workouts. For older people, it can help stave off the effects of aging, including strengthening bone, maintaining muscle, and relieving joint pain. Collagen supplementation can also be useful after surgery, helping the body to heal faster.

Collagen supplements typically come as either tablets or powders. The tasteless powder can be added to smoothies and other foods, and many people prefer the powder. It’s not only beneficial to people but older dogs and cats can benefit from collagen powder too.

If you run a gym, salon, or health food store, private label collagen products can benefit both your customers and your business. You can find private label collagen powders, capsules, and beauty creams. Carrying a range of private label supplements is a great way to sell quality health products displaying your unique brand.

Natural sources of collagen include bone broth, gelatin, chicken, fish, and eggs. Some plant-based foods are also decent sources of collagen, including citrus fruits, leafy greens, cashews, and white tea. However, collagen supplements are the best way to get a significant dose of this body-building nutrient.

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