Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Medical Equipment Supplier

Since 2004, Nano Medic Care has been one of the driving forces behind medical innovation in Malaysia. As well as developing products and services at home, we are also the local representatives for a number of global medical brands. Here is a brief introduction to our range of pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Pharmaceutical products

The demand for pharmaceutical products has never been higher, with some South-East countries spending up to 9 percent of healthcare spending on medication.

Therefore it is vital that people who are buying medication know what they are getting and that it does the job it is supposed to do. This is why Nano Medic Care always reviews and assesses our products to the highest possible standard.

Our pharmaceutical products include antihistamines, antibiotics, cardiovascular disorders, pain killers, etc. Whatever your prescription, we work hard to ensure what you are getting is best suited to you and even after products are released we continue to assess their quality.

Medical devices

Medical devices can cover a range of equipment, everything from x-ray machines to infusion pumps and medical lasers. As with our pharmaceutical products, we work hard to check that our medical devices are of the highest possible standard.

Find out more

The range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices we offer changes all the time, both in terms of what we develop and from the brands we choose to represent in the local area. To learn more about the latest additions to our range and how we source our products please contact Nano Medic Care today.

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