Why It’s Important To Have A Dedicated Medical Doctor In Andover, Kansas

by | May 30, 2018 | Health

While 24/7 urgent care facilities and emergency rooms are excellent for unexpected health concerns, they are not a substitute for having a dedicated primary care physician. While most people are aware that it is a good idea to have a doctor who is familiar with their medical backgrounds, few understand why it is essential. The following is a look at the benefits of seeing the same medical doctor in Andover, Kansas for any health concerns and how it may allow a person to live a healthier life.

Wellness Exams

A standard physical or wellness exam is used to provide a physician with an overview of a person’s current medical health and is a great way to determine if any current treatments are working as expected. Most doctors will perform a blood panel, which will give them insights into a person’s cholesterol levels, liver function, and a slew of other items. It is usually recommended that everyone has a wellness exam once every year.

Serious Health Problems

If a person ends up being diagnosed with a more serious medical condition, a primary medical doctor in Andover, Kansas will provide medical history information to any specialists that may be involved in the treatment team. Also, they will help to monitor a person’s progress with a disease and make suggestions as they notice changes that should be addressed. If a person does not have a primary care physician, it may complicate the treatment process and make it difficult for other doctors to have access to the information they need to make informed care decisions.

Referral Services

A primary care doctor provides treatment for a variety of medical issues, but others are best tackled by a specialist. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of seeing a specialist unless it is a treatment that is recommended by a primary care doctor. Having a regular doctor standing by will ensure a person gets the medical care they need as quickly as possible and reduce the likelihood of insurance compensation issues.

It is important to select a doctor that a person is comfortable with and will provide them with the best care possible. The physicians at Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC are accepting new clients and will help a person live the healthiest life possible.

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