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What To Expect From Hormone Therapy In West Chester, PA

In Pennsylvania, women will need hormone replacement therapy at certain stages of life. Menopause presents several challenges for women as hormone production declines. These lower levels present them with unwanted symptoms and side effects. The following are details about what to expect from Hormone Therapy in West Chester PA.

Addressing Health Concerns

The first step is to address health concerns. Menopause leads to the total elimination of periods and increases a woman’s risk to certain diseases. If their hormones aren’t managed correctly, this increases their risk of cardiovascular disease. It could also increase the risk of cancer of the reproductive organs and the breasts. When starting hormone replacement therapy, women must address these risks head on. A clinician can provide them with guidance through this new change in life.

Managing the Libido

Women will also experience a decrease in libido. They may discover that they aren’t as interested in sex at this stage of life due to the changes in their hormones. They may also discover that sex is painful and uncomfortable due to sudden dryness. A clinician can help women to address these concerns through hormone therapy practices.

Addressing Sudden Changes in the Body

Menopause and changes in hormones can also cause serious weight gain. A clinician can assist women in making changes in their diet to address these concerns quickly. They can also advise women about exercise strategies that can help them achieve their goal weight and maintain it.

Controlling Mood Swings More Proactively

Mood swings are detrimental for women and their loved ones. They can make a woman question their logic and actually feel as though they are looking their mind. The reason behind these mood swings is a hormone imbalance. Hormone therapy can address these mood swings and give women better control over them.

In Pennsylvania, women need hormone replacement therapy when they start menopause. This sudden change in life can present them with unique and scary challenges. The replacement therapy can provide them with new balance and assistance. Women who need Hormone Therapy in West Chester PA contact BeBalanced Center to schedule an appointment or visit the website today.

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