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What Services Are Available Through Occupational Health In Anderson, OH?

Ohio employers who utilize urgent care facilities could find a cost-effective solution for business requirements. These medical facilities offer a full range of medical treatments, diagnostics, and testing opportunities. Occupational Health in Anderson OH helps these business owners reduce risks and manage injury claims.

Assessment and Management of Work-Related Injuries

An urgent care facility provides a full assessment after workers become injured. This includes an examination, testing, and diagnostic services. The doctors at these facilities determine the nature of these injuries and identify the required recovery time. This makes the claims process more convenient. Employers who wish to utilize these services could acquire a contract to generate further savings for their business.

Managing Worker’s Compensation Claims

Doctors who evaluate work-related injuries manage the claim’s process for these injuries. They complete medical reports and submit them to the insurance provider for these companies. They meet deadlines as outlined in the policy to ensure faster processing of the claims. They answer questions and concerns for these insurers and provide conclusive information to employers.

Random Drug Testing and Screening

Employers who wish to conduct random drug testing for their employees could acquire these services through an urgent care facility. The doctors complete these requirements as directed by the employer. All results are sent to the employer quickly to mitigate risks associated with drug and alcohol addiction.

These services are also available for employers who are screening prospective candidates. The medical staff at these facilities manage the tests within the preferred window of time. This reduces the potential for sample tampering.

Assessments for Occupational Diseases

OSHA violations in the workplace could lead to occupational diseases. Employers who require screenings for these potential risks an urgent care facility meets these demands. They conduct testing of all employees who were exposed to these conditions.

Ohio employers need fast medical assessments for injured workers and potential candidates. These services help the business reduce risks associated with work-related injuries and potential occupational disease exposure. The services also help them manage the claim’s process more proactively. Employers who need Occupational Health in Anderson OH opportunities should contact Eastside Urgent Care for more information.

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