What is Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery? Your Questions Answered

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Transgender Surgery

Realizing you’re transgender is undoubtedly a beautiful, albeit complicated journey, you must face when coming out to yourself and to the world. If you choose to modify your face and body to suit your preferences and lifestyle, continue reading. Here’s what you need to know about one potentially important surgery — facial feminization surgery.
What Facial Feminization Surgery?

Transgender Facial feminization surgery involves softening typically strong male features to create a rounder and more feminine face. To be specific, the procedure can be broken down into the following steps: lip augmentation or fillers, shaving of the brow, rhinoplasty, or cheek implants. The patient may also receive a facelift or a neck lift. The surgery often gives patients their desired look while transitioning from male to female, and may ease their negative feelings associated with gender dysphoria.
Who Should Get the Surgery?

Anyone who identifies as female, and wishes to achieve more typically feminine features can go through with this surgery. However, you must be in good standing health. A doctor will evaluate whether or not you’re a good candidate.
Where Can You Get the Surgery?

Not all plastic surgery clinics may offer transgender facial feminization surgery on their docket. However, if you want to work with a doctor that is familiar with your wants and needs, book your consultation with the International Transgender Center in Plano, TX. They offer a variety of services meant to help transgender people learn more about themselves and ultimately live their best life. You can learn more about their doctors, as well as their other non-surgical services on their website at

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