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3 Tips for Transitioning to Your True and Unapologetic Self in Plano, Texas

Many transgender people have different experiences when it comes to transitioning. Typically, transitioning consists of making outside changes to the appearance to match what you feel on the inside.

However, you can transition medically, socially, and legally. Some people do all three, and some may only do one. Read on to find out tips for transitioning to your true and unapologetic self.

Get Therapy

Some transwomen may choose to get transgender therapy to help with creating feminine characteristics. Hormone therapy involves using medical interventions to decrease body hair and redistribute fat to the hips and breasts. It consists of being injected with estrogen and feminizing hormones.

Talk to a Therapist

Many surgeons require their patients to go through transgender therapy before going through reassignment surgery. It gives you a safe environment to talk about your feelings and concerns. You also do not have to worry about being judged.

Find a Complete Program

If you are transitioning, then you should get support. Some medical facilities offer feminine immersion programs. For example, it can help with body language. You will learn how to convey femininity when sitting and walking. This program will answer any concerns you may have about taking the next steps.

Transitioning can be an ongoing process. Some people have to come out to their family and friends. Others must go through steps to change their physical appearance. It does not matter at what stage you are at, but know that you can make the change. Contact International Center for Transgender Care at for more information.

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