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Visit Foot Specialists in Racine, WI to Heal Parts of the Foot Affected by Plantar Fasciitis

Foot pain has a big impact on mobility and day-to-day activities. Living with a foot disorder is not an option for the many people who are on the move each day. Foot Specialists in Racine WI treat and cure complicated foot disorders that are interfering with life. Plantar fasciitis is one disorder that comes with an array of painful symptoms. This is a condition that affects the ligaments in the arch of the foot. Pain can be minor at the onset and gradually intensify or come instantaneously with no warning signs. The risk factors for plantar fasciitis are obesity, old age, inward toe positioning of the feet, lack of flexibility in the Achilles tendon, no cushion support in shoes, and daily activities that put strain on the feet.

Foot Specialists in Racine WI treat plantar fasciitis patients using methods that reduce inflammation and allow healing of torn and damaged ligaments in the foot. The patient needs to regain suppleness in the foot as part of the rehabilitative treatment so the problem does not return. Doctors will let their patients know if they’re walking in a way that irritates parts of the foot affected by this condition. They learn what activities attributed to the condition so they can be restricted or eliminated when possible.

A combination of corrective techniques is implemented to cure this physiological disorder of the foot. It helps to spend more time resting the feet after work or doing something that required standing. Cold packs on the heel reduce inflammation. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs relieve pain that’s getting too intense. Physical therapy with exercises and manual massage manipulation improves flexibility in the foot and speeds up the healing process.

The exercises patients are instructed to do in physical therapy are meant to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility in the bottom of the foot. Walking around barefoot or with slippers can worsen discomfort because the feet are without support. A foot doctor may recommend a house shoe that stabilizes the arch of the foot. Only a small percentage of those suffering from plantar fasciitis cannot mitigate the problem without surgery. Those who need surgery have a section of the ligament removed. Visit to learn about other foot disorders.

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