A Primary Care Doctor in Starkville, MS Can Provide Advice to Parents About Multivitamin Supplements

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Health

It’s common for parents to give vitamin pills to their young children and has been a relatively standard practice for many decades. Several brands of multivitamins have products geared toward kids, with chewable fruit-flavored versions. A Primary Care Doctor in Starkville MS is ready to talk with parents about whether research has found any true advantages of children taking daily multivitamin supplements. These clients also may want to know how to improve nutrition in the family diet, so they won’t feel that multivitamin products are necessary.

After a Primary Care Doctor in Starkville MS completes a routine checkup of a pediatric patient, the physician will know whether the youngster is at optimum health and physical condition for someone of his or her age. A discussion of the foods the child routinely eats can be initiated by the parent during or after the checkup. If there are no problems with weight or other parameters connected with diet, the doctor may say that multivitamin supplements are not necessary. Nevertheless, if the products are affordable for the family, the doctor likely will have no problem with the child taking supplements in recommended dosages as part of the daily health regimen.

When it comes to nutrition, children primarily may have trouble obtaining enough calcium and vitamin D. It’s important for them to eat plenty of foods that naturally contain calcium and are fortified with these nutrients. The human body naturally obtains vitamin D from the sunshine, but many people do not get enough exposure to sunlight to acquire enough of the nutrient in this way. Kids can obtain sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamin D by consuming dairy products along with fortified cereals and fruit juice. Most dark green vegetables provide plentiful calcium as well.

A doctor with a clinic such as Children’s Health Center of Columbus will mainly want to be sure children are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals without taking megadoses of supplements. Many multivitamins contain very high dosages that doctors generally do not approve of even for adults. Schedule an appointment with this clinic for a pediatric checkup and a consultation about dietary supplements.

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