Three Methods to Help You Remember to Take Your Pills Every Day

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Healthcare

Supplementation can be challenging to remember whether you’re taking daily vitamins, diabetic meds or something else. You need to incorporate some plans into your lifestyle that will help you to remember to take your pills every day. Here are a few suggestions that might work for you.

Smartphone Reminder Apps

The world of technology blesses us with new apps for our lives every day. You can use one of the many pills reminder apps if you own a smartphone. All you must do is download the application and then set up the time you would like to have your reminders come to you. You can have your phone vibrate, or you can make it give you a visual reminder or a ring tone.

A Strategic Bottle Setup

You can also try a method that doesn’t require you to download an app. You can simply put your bottle of medication in a spot where you can’t avoid looking at it every day. That will remind you to take it, and it might eliminate your forgetfulness in that regard. You might want to place it someplace like the bathroom by the mirror or on a counter that’s close to your refrigerator.

An Automatic Pill Dispenser

An automatic pill dispenser may also work for you to help you remember to take your pills. You can set it up the way you’re supposed to take your medicine and carry it in your purse or bag. You’ll have to go into your purse at least once every day to grab your house keys. When you do that, you’ll receive an instant reminder to take your pills. An automatic pill dispenser might be the smartest investment you ever made if you do so.

Those are just a few useful strategies that might help you to ensure that you take your pills every day. Try them first. If they don’t work out, you can consider some alternatives that might be good for you.

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