Common Causes of Knee Pain and How You Can Treat and Prevent It

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Healthcare

Knee pain is often associated with age, but young adults often see doctors for knee pain caused by injuries or accidents. The truth is that anyone can suffer from knee pain. Some knee pain disappears on its own, but some pain needs medical attention and lengthy treatment to be cured. Finding a treatment for knee pain in Arlington Heights is easy as clinics and hospitals have orthopedic surgeons that can address your concerns. Here are a few of the common causes of knee pain.

Damaged Cartilage Due to Age

Cartilage is the soft tissue that covers the joint and allows it to move smoothly. Knee cartilage degenerates over the years, making it more susceptible to traumatic injury and damage. Knee pain caused by the degeneration of cartilage is most common in the elderly.

Inflammation of the Bursa

The bursa is the front part of the knee. When you kneel too often, the bursa can get damaged. This is called bursitis, or housemaid’s knee syndrome. Due to prolonged kneeling, the bursa gets inflamed and causes pain.

Trauma or Injury

Athletes who frequently suffer blatant blows to the knees can end up suffering from quadriceps tendonitis. This is often seen among athletes who need to jump high. Accidents can damage the quadriceps tendon, which is the tissue that connects the kneecap and the thigh muscle, and this causes knee pain.


Knee pain is often treated with pain relievers. When pain relievers are no longer working, therapy and surgery are usually recommended. Your doctor will decide on the next course of treatment that you will need based on your condition and response to current treatment.

Care Plus Prevention Tips

Although aging and accidents are typically out of your control, you can take care of your knee by seeing a doctor immediately if you start feeling pain in your knees. If you are suffering from knee pain in Arlington Heights, then visit with our experts at Gitelis Orthopedics.

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