Thinking about Getting a Face Lift?

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Surgery

Facelifts are such common procedures these days that practically everybody knows someone who has had one done. You can have one done as an outpatient and go back to your normal daily activities in as little as 24 to 48 hours. The first thing people notice about their face is that they seem to be looking older than they would like. If you are not as happy with your face’s appearance as you would like to be and are considering getting a face lift in Chicago or the surrounding area, there is no shortage of clinics to choose from.

Have You Noticed Any of the Following?

* Your face looks tired even when you are well rested
* Your chin and neck sag
* Deep wrinkles and creases have slowly appeared and worsened
* Your skin has lost that fresh taut look

The Three Types of Face Lifts

* A standard face lift removes excess skin, tightens muscles in the face and neck, and lifts your skin. The needed incisions are hidden around and behind your ears and in your hairline. You might need a small one under your chin if your neck requires an extra bit of work done.

* A mini face lift is used when your primary concern centers on looking tired with less loss of tone, this could be what you are looking for. It still tightens up and lifts the skin on your face, but does nothing to your neck or muscles. Generally this works the best on people who have the beginning signs of aging.

* Another mini-type of lift face is called a short scar lift which also only directed toward the face. In this procedure your skin is lifted up, not back, and is much less intrusive with minimal scarring.

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