How A Rhinoplasty Procedure Can Improve Your Appearance And Snoring

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Surgery

For years, you have been considering getting a nose job. Not just for cosmetic reasons, you are looking to undergo the procedure to help correct your heavy snoring. As you continue to consider what all it may involve, you begin to wonder how getting a rhinoplasty Chicago Loop will actually help your condition. Here is a brief explanation of how a rhinoplasty procedure can help you with your situation.


Before talking about how the procedure can help you, you will first need to understand what is causing your snoring. Snoring can happen for several reasons from having a serious underlying condition to alcohol consumption. Snoring can also occur only on occasion. If snoring happens more often than not, then you may have a deviated septum. This condition can be the result of an injury or congenital abnormality. As the name implies, patients who suffer from a deviated septum will have a septum that is crooked or off-center, which leads to partial blockage of the nasal passages. This leads to difficulties in breathing as well as snoring.


As mentioned, rhinoplasty is more than just an aesthetic enhancement procedure. A rhinoplasty can help patients who suffer from a deviated septum. In fact, it is actually a common request by patients who are undergoing the procedure primarily for cosmetic reasons. When combined, the procedure is known as septorhinoplasty. It corrects the deviation while also improving the appearance of your nose.

The Expert

Perhaps you have decided to get more information about undergoing a septorhinoplasty or a rhinoplasty. You are now searching for a medical expert to talk about getting a rhinoplasty in Chicago Loop. Contact Neil Fine, MD, FACS. Dr. Neil Fine is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the expertise to help you with your situation. So, when looking for a highly professional and skilled medical expert to talk to about getting a rhinoplasty in Chicago Loop, he is the one to visit. Visit Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery for more details.

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