There Are Places To Get A Prosthetic Foot In Columbus OH

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Health

With wars, accidents, and debilitating health conditions, many people need prosthetics or orthotics to improve their mobility and quality of life. One company to rely on for a Prosthetic Foot in Columbus OH is Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center, Inc. This family-owned company has four locations in Ohio for customer convenience. This and other companies specializing in helping people with traumatic injury losses make life better for these patients by improving their ability to function and their mobility.

Why Do People Need Prosthetics and Orthotics?

Bad things happen to good people. Soldiers come back from war wounded and sometimes missing body parts. People are badly injured in car accidents, work accidents, personal attacks or debilitating health conditions. Some people are born missing parts or with deformed or incomplete parts. These people need help from the medical industry to gain mobility and function. Artificial arms, legs, hands, and feet can help.

Products To Help

Orthotics such as walking boots, custom shoes, or shoe inserts can be a big help. Cervical collars, scoliosis orthotics, and spinal bracing can help others. Those who have lost arms or legs can find a Prosthetic Foot in Columbus OH or other parts such as whole or partial legs, knees, and feet. Whole or partial arms and hands, shoulders, and more. The important thing about these products is that they must fit perfectly and work flawlessly.

Qualified Technicians

A company technician with licensing and certifications must work with every patient to first choose the right product, then make sure it is a perfect fit. The patient must be taught how to operate the device for optimum function. Then, if there are problems with these highly sensitive and technical devices, emergency service must be available to fix them properly. The medical device company must work with the patient’s insurance company to finance the devices.

When the patient is a child, the device must be one that allows for growth and as a certain level of growth is achieved, new larger devices must be found, fitted and serviced. People with diseases and medical conditions that cause increasing damage must be seen regularly to deal with new problems and areas of concern. Go to  for more information.

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