Sober Living Centers offer Community, Structure and Independence to Treat Alcohol Addiction in Florida

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Addiction Treatment

Few people are able to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction on their own. Although family support can be invaluable, it isn’t always ideal. Many times, family members were first to introduce an addict to alcohol or drugs and some are still active in their addiction. Other times, codependency prevents the close family and friends from being able to offer the kind of support a person needs to be able to recover. Moving into a sober living home might be the only way an alcoholic can get away from the influences that helped fuel their addiction. Living with others are the same journey can offer many benefits for people in recovery for Alcohol Addiction in Florida.

Structured Environment

While they are in active addiction, alcoholics don’t focus much on their future. By providing a structured environment many alcoholics never had in their lives, sober living homes provide residents with the support they need to make and work toward goals. While they live in the sober house, residents are required to be active in the community by working, going to school or volunteering. These rules expose residents to different people and allow them to be productive members of society when they return to their families. Since residents aren’t allowed to drink or use drugs while they participate in the program, they are more focused on their goals and thus more likely to reach them.

Sense of Community

Abstaining from alcohol can be lonely when everyone around is drinking. Alcoholics are almost guaranteed to relapse if they return to the environment that encouraged their addiction. Instead of going down that path, people who are committed to staying sober choose to live in a sober house temporarily, while they focus on changing the patterns that led them to excessive drinking. Those who have recently completed inpatient treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Florida get a stable place to live where everyone has a similar past.

Returning home after a long period of alcoholism isn’t easy. By taking advantage of the structure and community offered by Nextep sober living homes, people who have recently completed alcohol rehabilitation may have a better chance of staying sober for the rest of their lives. People who are serious about recovery can Click here to find out if a sober living house is right for them.

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