The Importance of Numerous Steps During an Eye Exam in Andover KS

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Eye Care Center

A comprehensive Eye Exam in Andover KS performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist has many steps. During a basic vision test, for instance, patients read letters on a chart at a certain distance away. Complex eye health examination is done with the doctor viewing the interior structures of the eyes through a high-powered lens.

Evaluating Eye Health

With the use of a microscope during an Eye Exam in Andover KS, the eye doctor can find evidence of various diseases. Examples include glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye disease and macular degeneration. Pupil dilation is recommended as this allows the doctor to get a better view.

Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

Both optometrists and ophthalmologists perform these tests, but only the ophthalmologist is qualified to treat eye disease with surgery. This type of physician is a medical doctor who specializes in eye health. An optometrist who discovers evidence of eye health problems refers the patient to the medical doctor. Additional tests may be advisable before a definitive diagnosis is made and treatments begin.

Vision Correction

A comprehensive exam may last for about an hour. All the steps are important to make sure the patient’s eyes are healthy and that the proper vision correction will be achieved, if that is necessary. The patient may need correction for myopia, commonly called nearsightedness, or for other vision issues. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are available for this purpose. The patient might be interested in laser surgery for vision correction and will need to learn whether he or she is a good candidate for the procedure.

Many parents discover that their children need vision correction fairly early, since myopia is so common. The first sign may be trouble seeing clearly at a distance while at school. A family eye clinic welcomes patients of all ages for vision correction and other services. Annual exams are recommended to ensure continued eye health and optimum vision correction.

A Combination of Services

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