The Healthcare Industry Offers Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Health

People can get Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH at comprehensive health care clinics such as Eastside Urgent Care. Walk-in clinics offer many services people may need to stay healthy or be treated for injuries or diseases. These walk-in clinics are more convenient than the family doctor but less expensive than the emergency ward of the local hospital. Though they are great for health emergencies, they also offer a wide range of services for general health care.

Urgent Care Centers Offer Same Day Care

When an appointment with the family doctor may be weeks away, urgent care centers may be the answer. Flu season is an example of why communities need urgent care centers. When the flu or similar diseases strike, the need for care may be immediate. Allergies, colds, and the flu can lead to more serious conditions such as pneumonia, sepsis, heart problems, and more. When a person is having heart attack symptoms, trouble breathing, or extreme pain anywhere in the body, help may be needed fast.

Injuries such as dog or snake bites, insect stings, falls, broken bones, or deep cuts need immediate attention. Possible drug overdoses or bad reactions must be treated immediately. Appendicitis can strike suddenly and must be treated right away. Possible strokes and blood clots must be treated quickly. But, the family doctor or clinic may not have appointments available when they are needed. The emergency room is very expensive.

Well Equipped and Staffed with Professionals

Urgent care centers are prepared for all kinds of medical emergencies and are staffed with highly trained doctors and nurses. They have the latest equipment and lab facilities. These facilities treat broken bones, repair wounds, treat animal bites and sports injuries, and illnesses. They know when to send a patient on to the local hospital.

In addition to urgent care, these clinics provide workers compensation rehabilitation, occupational medicine, physicals, Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, flu shots, lab tests, STD testing and more. They offer a wide range of emergency and general health services for the whole family. They can stabilize high blood pressure, give breathing treatments, and test for diseases like mono, strep, high cholesterol, diabetes, and more. Go to for more information on medical services. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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