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How Can Health Care Clinics In Kihei HI Find the Causes of Chest Pain?

Chest pains must never be ignored, especially the ones that may require the patient to be seen by Health Care Clinics In Kihei HI. Apart from these cases, a doctor must be consulted quickly because the chest pains can be related to non-urgent problems, but also those that are potentially serious. A diagnosis is sometimes tricky because chest pain may be related to a chest wall problem, chest organ disease, and problems involving organs close to the rib cage.

Direct causes

Among the pains noticed, there are those related to:

  • Direct trauma to the rib cage (fracture, dislocation between the ribs and the sternum with pain awakened by pressure) or a fracture
  • An inflammatory disease of the joints between the ribs and the sternum or between the clavicles and the sternum
  • An infectious disease such as shingles (burning pain, sometimes preceded by an eruption with small pimples and blisters)

Causes related to organ issues

Among the pains related to the problems of the organs contained in the ribcage, there are:

  • Pains associated with a cardiac or vascular origin like a heart attack, angina pectoris (pain close to the infarction, pericarditis (pain in the middle of the chest and increased breathing), myocarditis, cardiac arrhythmias and aortic dissection (violent pain radiating through to the patient’s back)
  • Pains of a pulmonary origin such as pulmonary embolism (sudden pain, accentuated by coughing and breathing, with a rapid pulse), pneumothorax pneumonia and pleurisy
  • Pain of a mediastinal origin, such as a fever and pain behind the sternum and esophageal reflux (chest burns with upward irradiation, decreased by lying or leaning forward)
  • Finally, the pain may be related to a problem affecting the organs close to the rib cage such as the stomach (peptic ulcers with pain at a distance from meals, calmed by food intake), liver and gallbladder (pain of the base of the right chest, inhibiting the person’s breathing) and the spleen or the pancreas (pain radiating in the back with digestive signs, fever, and accelerated pulse)

In case of significant stress, a panic attack may also be responsible for chest pain, but this is what doctors at Health Care Clinics In Kihei HI call an “elimination diagnosis.” Visit the website for more information. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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