The Advantages of Professional Eyebrow Sculpting in Fairfax County VA

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Online Md Blog

Eyebrow Sculpting in Fairfax County VA is appealing to many people who want lovely eyebrows without plucking or waxing. Some individuals cannot use wax because their skin is too sensitive. Plucking can be useful for a small number of stray hairs, but it’s a painful and tedious process when trying to create a certain brow shape. In addition, creating a complementary eyebrow shape while looking in a mirror and attempting to use various devices while seeing the actions in reverse motion is problematic.

Brow Sculpting in Fairfax County VA by skin care professionals usually includes plucking and trimming as well as waxing for clients whose skin can tolerate it. The dermatologist or esthetician shapes the eyebrows with skill and artistry, so they complement the facial structure and features in a way that enhances the person’s appearance. This is very difficult for someone to do at home. People often find they have made their made their eyebrows too thin or arched too dramatically, which does not make the brows look normal.

In contrast, practitioners at a facility such as Tamjidi Skin Institute create a look for the brows that nobody will notice as having been tampered with extensively. They also can teach clients how to effectively use makeup tools such as eyebrow brushes and wands, as well as sculpting gel, to further enhance and shape the brow hair on a daily basis or before going out on a date.

Clients can have eyebrow tinting done at the same time if they wish. For instance, many people with hair in shades of blond or red have eyebrows that are much too light. Instead of having to darken them with makeup every day, they can have the hair tinted to an ideal hue for their hair color and skin tone.

Brow sculpting can rejuvenate a person’s appearance when the eyebrows are too full and heavy. They can help a woman look more feminine. The sculpting and tinting processes have a combination effect of providing a distinctive look for the eyes and brows together that increases the individual’s attractiveness. Anyone who is interested in these services may visit the website domain.

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