Facet Joint Injections for Joint Spine Pain Management Norman

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Healthcare

Facet joint injections are one of the newest methods for pain management that target specific nerves in the body. This highly advanced method allows the person to have targeted pain management in Norman in specific areas of the spine, without worrying about side effects due to not knowing where the injection is being targeted.

Facet Joint Injections

These injections provide fast, long-term relief for those suffering from chronic joint spine pain. Through the use of an X-Ray, the doctor is able to find the problem area and inject it with the medication to ensure that it is working in the ideal area for immediate pain relief.

These small joints located in the spine can pinch nerves and cause inflammation to happen in the area. Through the use of the injections, placed at the spot of concern, the inflammation can go down, and immediate pain relief medication that acts much longer than other methods is able to provide the patient with a longer term solution for their pain.

The medication that can be found in these joint spine injections is a mixture of a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory medication. These two medications, when put together, can provide a whole new outlook on life for those who suffer from this long-term painful condition. The injection takes only 20 minutes to complete, allowing the patient to receive treatment on an outpatient basis, and only needs to be done every four to six months, rather than on a daily basis.

Other Methods of Relief

Generally, other methods that were used for relief with joint spine pain only included general injections into the spine, as well as oral pain medications. While they rid the patient of the pain, they were not a long term solution that targeted the problem area. Visit the Website for more information regarding facet joint inspections for joint spine Pain Management in Norman that needs to be done.

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