Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Matter in Regard to Home Health Care in Chevy Chase

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Home Health Care Service

Workers providing home health care in Bucks County allow disabled individuals to continue living at home instead of needing to move to a skilled nursing facility. Nursing assistants, personal care aides and skilled nurses all work for these agencies, assisting patients with bathing and grooming, bathroom needs and light housekeeping. They check vital signs of their clients and make sure everything is going well.

Skilled nurses can manage wound care and recovery after surgery, provision of medication and nutrition therapy. Home health care also involves little things many people don’t necessarily think about, but that are valuable to their clients. For example, workers providing Home Health Aide Bucks County trim fingernails and toenails for patients who are unable to do these tasks. They massage moisturizer into dry skin and provide a gentle hand massage.

Food needs are also taken into consideration, helping them to make sandwiches, soup or other tasty foods for lunch and offer companionship to a lonely person who otherwise has to take their meals alone. If the person needs assistance with eating, the home care worker provides it. These workers also may read stories from the newspaper to patients who have trouble reading the fine print. They might play cards or another game with the client and watch some TV together.

Other tasks around the home fall into their care, too. They may change bed linens and do laundry. Depending on the level of the patient’s ability, the care worker may take this person to the grocery store or to appointments with the doctor or physical therapist.

Most agencies have home care support members available in a range of expertise. Aurora Home Care sends licensed and certified Home Health Aide Bucks County & surrounding areas to provide the services each client requires to live at home. To find out more about our services, call us today at 215-354-4444.

The patients may be temporarily disabled while they recover from an operation or a serious injury. Some are permanently disabled but only need care while their usual family caregiver is out of town for a few days. Others live by themselves and have family members routinely checking on them, but benefit greatly from home health care. Patients who suffer from chronic illnesses, physical disability or cognitive impairment all benefit from home care.

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