When Is It Time For Assisted Senior Living In Avon CT?

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Assisted Living

It can be hard determining when a loved one needs to be assisted senior living in Avon CT. There are a number of people who need help who simply don’t want to admit that they do. When a person doesn’t want to admit that they need help, they can be very convincing. One way that elderly individuals can hide the fact that they need help is by becoming more withdrawn. They might not want visitors to see that they can no longer keep themselves or their homes clean. Elderly people might come up with some rather convincing excuses for their changing behavior.

It’s important for people to pay close attention to elderly individuals who live alone. Understand that one accident can be a life-changing event. When visiting an elderly person’s home, family members and friends have to look for any signs that something is wrong. If clothes are beginning to pile up, that might mean that a person is having trouble washing them. It’s also good to take notice of an elderly person’s hygiene. If a person is having trouble getting in and out of the bathtub, they might decide just to avoid bathing so that they don’t risk injury.

People have to remember that assisted Senior Living in Avon CT isn’t always about living in a facility. Help can come to a person’s home. While some individuals might need daily assistance, others might only need help a couple days out of the week. It’s important to contact professionals so that an individual’s needs can be assessed. Sometimes, all a person might need is for things to be changed in their homes. Placing railings on a bathtub can help an elderly person get in and out of a tub. Special toilets can be purchased to help people live on their own. There are also stair lifts that can be used to help individuals get up and down the stairs.

Those who need help can contact us to get more information about assisted living. People can also use the Internet to research information about helping seniors to get the most out of their lives. If a person does need help with assisted living, it’s best not to put things off.

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