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Signs it is Time to Go to an Optometrist in Andover KS

Regardless of if a person wears glasses or have never had an issue with their vision, most people don’t think about the quality of their vision on a daily basis. However, the majority of people will experience some changes in their eyesight as time passes. Unfortunately, the changes may be so subtle, they are overlooked.

Keep reading for some of the signs that indicate it’s time to see an Optometrist in Andover KS. Knowing what these are can help a person prevent serious eyesight problems.

Night Vision Changes

When driving at night, is it possible to see other vehicles on the road or the road signs? For some adults, this is the initial sign of changes in their vision. If a person begins to see halos around lights or if they are unable to read signs or distinguish objects, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with an Optometrist in Andover KS.

A Health Condition that Affects the Eyes

An eye exam isn’t just capable of detecting changes in a person’s vision. They also provide the optometrist the chance to evaluate the health of a person’s eyes and their eyelids.

While there are some eye infections that can clear up alone, others are contagious and present the risk of serious and permanent damage. If a person notices discharge, redness, or itchiness, it’s best to see an eye doctor right away.

Frequent Migraines or Headaches

Many times, headaches are caused by inflammation, stress, and muscle tension. They can also be a sign that the person’s vision is changing. If a person notices there is an increase in headache frequency or intensity, it is time to go to the eye doctor.

If a person suffers from migraines, they may notice sports, auras, or some other type of vision obstructions during the episode. While most of these are harmless, sometimes, the symptoms can indicate a more serious underlying issue that has caused the problem.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of knowing when it is time to see an eye doctor. Visit us for more information to learn more signs of a problem and to schedule an appointment. Being informed is the best way to know when eye care is needed.

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