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Should You Get a Mental Health Screening?

Are you wondering whether you need a mental health screening? Often, those who are in trouble with the law may be experiencing mental health issues and are encouraged to have a mental health screening done. A mental health screening can provide you with an easy method for determining whether or not you actually suffer from symptoms of a mental illness. You could be suffering from anxiety or depression, but despite the condition you are suffering, recovery or improvement can always be possible. A DWI program in Minneapolis may be able to provide you with helpful services. If you are not completely sure which type of mental health screening you should take, you can continue reading to learn some information about each type.

Depression Test

The Depression Test is aimed for individuals to take if they are feeling sadness that completely overwhelms them and may even consume their lives.

Alcohol/Substance Use Test

The Alcohol Use Test and Substance Use Test can both help with your alcohol or substance use. It can be determined whether you have an issue with these that may be significant.

Anxiety Test

An Anxiety Test can help you determine if you do have a form of anxiety, and it can lead to treatment that can help improve your fear that may affect your daily life.

Youth Test

A Youth Test can be performed for children ages 11 to 17. Those who have this test done may be dealing with emotions or negative behaviors that could relate to a mental illness.

Bipolar Test

A Bipolar Test tests individuals for bipolar disorder if they experience mood swings or strange shifts in energy and behavior.

Parent Test

This test is for parents to take if they have younger children and want to determine if their child’s behaviors or emotions may be part of a larger problem.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Test

If you are dealing with emotions stemmed from a traumatic event, you may want to have a Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Test done.

Psychosis Test

A psychosis Test is for those who are younger, more specifically, between the ages of 12 and 35. People take this test if they feel as though they are seeing or hearing things that may not actually be there.

Eating Disorder Test

An Eating Disorder Test can examine your eating habits and determine the impact your eating has on your mental health.

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