Rehabilitation for Drug Addiction in Florida Is Essential After Losing Custody of Children

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Health

People who are chemically dependent on alcohol or other drugs sometimes continue down that path until a life-changing event happens. For some individuals, that is losing primary or shared custody of their children to the other parent because of their drug-related behavior. The state of Florida encourages both parents to be fully involved with their children after a divorce, so successfully completing rehabilitation treatment for Drug Addiction in Florida should allow this person to regain custodial rights.

Residential Treatment

One of the most effective ways to begin recovery for Drug Addiction in Florida is to live in a residential rehab center or recovery house for a period of time. The supportive atmosphere and structured lifestyle are optimal ways to learn how to cope without mind-altering chemicals. Some clients reside in a recovery house for a month while others stay for a year or two. It all depends on what is best for each individual.

Petitioning the Court

After completing residential rehab with an organization such as Nextep, the parent may petition the court for shared time with his or her children. The person must prove the treatment was successful and all alcohol and drug use has ended. Continuing with outpatient sessions is a way to show the court the person is serious about staying in recovery and being a fit parent once more. The treatment center can verify that the client has been clean and sober throughout the residential phase of the program and attends outpatient appointments as scheduled. Click here for more information on this particular organization.

After Shared Time Is Granted

The parent who is now in recovery may be allowed a small amount of shared time each week at first instead of equal time or primary custody. The children might stay with the parent one or two nights on the weekend, for instance. It’s essential to rebuild trust with the youngsters and show them that life in recovery is stable and secure. Each week, the person can talk with the outpatient treatment counselor about progress and setbacks in the parent-child relationships and any other topics of importance. Joining a support group for those in recovery is also beneficial. Visit the website  for more information.

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