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When a parent suspects their child might have Autism, it’s important they receive a correct diagnosis. Untrained physicians will diagnose a child with ADHD because the behaviors associated with autism can look like ADHD. Proper diagnosis and autism treatment in Miami FL are the best ways for a child and their parents to deal with this type of condition. There are a variety of symptoms of autism and ADHD that overlap.

Examples Of Overlapping Symptoms

A child may have difficulty settling down, social awkwardness, impulsivity, and is only able to focus when things interest them. Children who suffer from these types of symptoms usually have ADHD and are not part of an autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms a parent might miss or excuse as part of a growing child. A child who is unresponsive to common stimuli avoids eye contact, or has intense focus and concentration on a singular item could be suffering from autism. Withdrawn behaviors, impaired social interaction, delayed developmental milestones, and repetitive movement can also be an indication a child has autism.

Getting The Proper Treatment

The first step in helping a child receive the correct Autism Treatment in Miami FL is getting a correct diagnosis. In some situations, the physician will attempt to manage the symptoms of ADHD to control the autism. Various behavioral techniques will be incorporated into a child’s daily routine and lessen the symptoms of autism syndrome disorder.

Children can benefit from a variety of medication that treats ADHD. Behavioral therapy is a good choice when a child has ADHD and autism. Several treatments may have to be tried to control the symptoms of the disorder.

Outlook For The Child

Unfortunately, there is no cure for ADHD or autism. Managing the symptoms is key to helping a child with this type of condition. It’s important for a parent to remain open and flexible during the treatment process and as the child grows.

If you’re interested in more information, it’s important to see an experienced doctor for the correct diagnosis. Please feel free to visit A1A Behavioral Health today.

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