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Need Extra Support? Hire a Doula

An unmedicated birth is better than having a caesarean section. You require less recovery time, have more control over the experience and pay a lot less. If you plan on reducing medical intervention during labor, though, hiring a doula in NJ can also help.

What’s a doula?

The term refers to a trained companion during childbirth, who does everything to make the experience easier for you and your family. While many of them don’t have training, they provide a lot of mothers with emotional support as well as information.

What do they do?

As trained birth companions, they make the experience less scary, allowing women to make empowered choices during the process. From reflexology to aromatherapy, massage, pain techniques and music as well as mantras, they can try different ways that work for you.

How do I find one?

The first thing to do is decide on the kind of birth you hope to have, Parents says. If you’re set on having less medical intervention during the experience, then hiring the services of a labor companion can help. To find one, research your options. Asking for referrals can also get the job done. Reach out to people you know who’ve hired a doula in NJ. Their recommendations can help with your search.

How do I narrow it down?

When you have enough names for a list, consider their credentials. Research and take a look at their qualifications. If those checkout, arrange for an interview. Prepare questions in advance to allow you to cover more ground.

Which one do I pick?

Credentials are good. But make sure you hire someone who also shows genuine interest in providing the extra support you need, rather than someone who’s going to treat it like another job. Also, pick someone you’ll be comfortable with.

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