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6 Ways to Prepare for a Holistic Childbirth

There are several reasons why a woman may choose an unmedicated birth. If you want to go drug-free or meds are no longer a safe option, then this is the right move for you. However, you’ll need to be prepared before you go through a holistic childbirth in NJ. Here are must-know tips from experts.

Be Ready

Do go winging this. Do your homework if you want things to work out. take classes to help you get the basics and understand what’s going to happen. Learn exercises and practice them with your partner.

Get a Doula

A doula gives you emotional and physical support, both of which will prove valuable when you’re in labor. A doula can massage you to help you relieve the pain in your back or do the breathing exercises with you when the discomfort intensifies during labor.

Sleep If Possible

Nap when you can. Labor usually takes hours. If it’s at all possible, nap when you can. That will help build up your energy for what’s to come.

Move Around

You can move around if the birth is still hours away. Take a hot shower or do squats. Think of activities that you can do to ease the pain.

Prepare a Bag

If you’re going to the hospital for an unmedicated birth, make sure you have a bag of essentials packed and ready to go. That way, if your water breaks, you and your partner will only need to pick it up while you call the hospital and your doula to tell your birth team that you’re on your way.

Stay Calm and Breathe

Do whatever you’re comfortable with. If you want to scream at your husband while you give birth, go ahead. But staying calm and breathing through the contractors will make you feel better since it will ease the pain.

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